Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Studio #3: The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

It's been some time since I've done a post on what's been happening in regards to "The Ocean Doesn't Want Me's" recording.

The guys are still at it, which is good for me, because that gives me more time to do the artwork. I'm still busy and have the next 3 songs'/characters' shots planned (or so I hope). I am however beginning to doubt and question myself with some of the already finished images, but isn't that always the issue?

Maybe I should do this or try that?! Maybe I should, or perhaps I should just be happy with the damn pieces. We'll see... For now though, here are some shots of CF in studio, laying down the guitar tracks.

Thanks for reading

The Orange amp head CF acquired the other day sounds AMAZING! - Asylum Studios 2011
CF - Asylum Studios 2011
CF - Asylum Studios 2011
CF, Paul - Asylum Studios 2011
CF - Asylum Studios 2011
Pedals! Pedals! Pedals! - Asylum Studios 2011

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